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The next generation of web applications in quality awareness according to the motto: Made in Germany!


We create modules and addons for all common CM systems. (Example: WordPress, Joomla, Typo3)

Coding standards

Maintainability, extensibility, adaptability. Our standard is worldwide standard.


Front and backend development from a single source. Usability is very important for the frontend, Coding Standard ensure a comfortable working in the backend. Our quality awareness is very high!


As in the infrastructure, we also use high-performance software and optimizations during development. Our years of experience will benefit your users.

Open Source

For all projects you get the complete source code, unencrypted. This is not possible with any agency. Everything in the interest of the customer!

Our customers speak for us

More than 100 satisfied customers speak for themselves. From the small business owner to the big chain. We find the right way for everyone!


We do not let anyone stand in the rain. Our service offers individual solutions for every company!


We analyze your needs and put together a complete package.


Do not waste any more time on monitoring the infrastructure. I'll do that for you!


On request we will inform you regularly. Most customers choose to be informed only in critical cases.


You grow and your infrastructure adapts to you. We take care of that. Never again long loading times at the business card on the Internet!


As long as we host your project, we also take care of SEO and all the optimizations that make you even easier to find!

One contact

All from one hand. Whether it's e-mail, web server, database server or whatever is important to your business. We solve every problem and are your contact person!

That is why you should choose us!

Unlike other providers, we rely on redundancy and performance. Thus, we ensure that each project runs regardless of the size at any time of the day. Downtimes caused by hardware defects are thus minimized as well as failures due to load peaks. Carsten Zeidler stands for quality and high availability at all times!

Other providers pack your project on a server with countless others and only in the best case is the vital database for your project on another server. As a rule, the web server, the database server and the memory are operated on one and the same server. In other words, a hardware failure will not only remove your online presence but, in the worst case scenario, important data until the last backup.

With us, each instance of the server can be easily scaled, whereas against other vendors this is not technically possible. Your business grows, our servers automatically adapt to your needs!

Our plan of working infrastructure
A fail-safe network with redundant systems.
Default plan
Standard construction with other providers.

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DE-44807 Bochum
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